OPL Game Utility Apk V1.6 (Latest Version) Download for Android

What do you think, is it difficult to convert ISO games to UL format? If you are struggling with it then congratulations you found an Android app that will do for you for absolutely free within a few moments. Isn’t it amazing? The great app is OPL Game Utility APK (OPLUtil). It is mainly used to compress games into less occupying files over 4 GB and allows you to transfer those Android applications and files to any external source like a hard drive or a USB using an OTG cable. Simply it is designed to make setup and conversion easier for Android users.

Moreover, there is another great use of the app. You could also use it to access and play unlimited high-resolution games on your phone anytime. Likewise, it is the best way to get a good variety of games without downloading them individually. Just open the app and find out what kind of game would you like to play that day. Despite having a wide range of games the size of the app is still very small. It is arranged in such a way that whenever you play any game only that game will be loaded and all other stuff is saved in the cloud. In this way, the selected game runs very smoothly free of lagging.

OPL Game Utility is simple to set up and almost easy to use. The word almost is used because the path is not as easy as it seems. You may face many ups and downs during your journey. It can easily be downloaded on both smartphones more challenging than on PCs. For instance, you can modify your favorite games. Very easily remove those features that don’t get your thumbs up. Customize your interface and make changes to the app according to your desire.

Download OPL Game Utility APK for Android

App NameOPL Game APK
Size14.7 MB

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Features of OPL Game Utility APK for Android:

OPL Game Utility APK Latest Version 1.6 offers incredible features. The advantages you’ll get by downloading it are given below. The range of features is wide. Have a look at the features below:

  • Free to download
  • All storage modes
  • Small size app
  • Auto search mode
  • Tab manual conversion
  • Artwork download server
  • Android 10 support
  • UL list and more info
  • Detect ISO type and size
  • Improved performance
  • There is much more to explore

Improve Your Gaming Experience:

Honestly speaking, I improved my gaming skills and gameplay soon after using this great app. I can proudly recommend it to you as well. Nowadays not every program can act upon your desire but this is the one that can fulfill your commands without any errors or additional charges.

Multiple Language Support:

As this app is the need of every gamer it can’t be confined to only a single language since it contains a global audience. Its official language is English but there are many language options too.

Play a Variety of Games:

There you’ll find games of every genre and each taste. There are specific games for every user. What is your interest, you’ll surely find the stuff of your taste and choice.

Fast Services and Smooth Journey:

The app is made better with every new version. Bugs are resolved and demanded features are added. Its newest version contains everything according to the recent times. This time it is one of the best PlayStations.

Easy Modifications:

Customize this app and modify other apps too. Rename, delete, and download artwork to ISO. Retrieve UL and ISO names. Make your desired changes to any Android application.


The features and services that it provides were dreams a few years back. But then ISEEI Productions came into being and brought this dream to reality. Take advantage of this golden opportunity. Hit the download button now and get the OPL Game Utility APK for Android at no cost. We offer the newest version of the app. This version is far better and faster than the previous ones. The processing speed is enhanced and some additional features are also added. If you’re using an older version then update it today. We have provided both the download and update links on our page.

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