Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk V1.20 Beta (Caves & Cliffs) Download

Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE), is a game world where everything is made with blocks. It’s an imaginative game with unlimited fun and entertainment. The best thing about the game is that you don’t need to spend special hours playing it but can play on the go. It means that whenever you find a space, open the app and start playing. Whether you are waiting for a vehicle or just playing for entertainment it will give you a great experience. It’s an incredible option to kill boring times.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

It’s a good game that aims to engage people in their free time by offering adventurous gameplay. Play it anywhere anytime. From our review below, please get to know what other things are included in its first version, which was released in 2011 for iOS devices only but gradually other versions were also launched like the Android version and the Windows version. Minecraft APK Bedrock edition has gained the most recognition all over the world. All versions offer premium features.

Their open-ended gameplay and long range of features are the answer to the question of why Minecraft Pocket Edition Addons are that popular. It’s Grabbing the attention of gamers of all ages. Multiple game modes allow its users to play it however they want. There are unlimited possibilities and the choice is yours. Each of its modes is unique and contains a different flavor. Among these modes, the Survival mode is the most challenging one. In all such modes, the major gameplay elements are Explore, Build, and Fight. 

Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK for Android

App NameMinecraft
Size210 MB

Minecraft Pocket Edition vs PC online is the biggest confusion amongst gamers. In this paragraph, we’ll compare these both and discuss their pros and cons. Let’s get started. These are two different versions of the game and both are largely identical. However, the mobile version is not as deep as the PC version.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The PC version contains some additional features due to the reason that bigger screens are more effective in terms of performance. The mobile version lacks those features that are only possible on bigger screens but the best thing is that you can now play this game on your phone. It looks and plays great. If you have a computer then the PC version is best for you but if not then the second option is its small version.

Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • Light sized application
  • Fully reliable and secure
  • Genuine game app
  • No third party is involved
  • For both iOS and Android
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Multiple modes
  • No initial charges
  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Easy settings
  • Multiple game locations
  • Ads are restricted
  • Brand new edition
  • Much more to explore

Unique Gameplay:

It’s weird to see that an imaginative game has been one of the most popular games in the world. In this virtual game world, every single object is made up of blocks and that’s very rare. The offered features are also different from others. All of these things make it a unique game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Multiple Characters:

Either select a character from the available list or customize a hero of your own. As your rank will go up upgrade your hero by spending game coins. Note that not all characters are free, for some premium characters you might have to pay. It’s all up to you.

Available for Everyone:

Since this is a genuine gaming application it can be downloaded and played all over the world, it is free to download and there is no country restriction. If you have a device to play then just dive into it and surely you’ll have a nice experience.

Simple Layout:

To keep users’ experience simple and offer easy usage the game interface is kept simple. You can easily use all its features and have unlimited fun and adventurous experiences.

Lovely Graphics:

Everything in the game is pretty cool. Everything you see around you in the game is real but made with blocks. Animals, grass, water, land, buildings everything is there. If offers 4k game resolution and that’s amazing.

Game Modes in Minecraft Pocket Edition:

According to the recent update, there are three different game modes. These all have the same scenario in common but there are different missions and tasks.

Survival Mode:

In this mode there is a single possibility, do or die. You have to gather essential items for your survival. Also, keep an eye on your enemies who are starving to destroy you and conquer your territory. Survival mode can give you a tough time so never start it directly. Once you become used to it working then come to this mode 

Multiplayer Mode:

As the name indicates here you’ll be allowed to play with your friends. Play alongside or against your friends. This mode helps users to share their creations with others.

Creative Mode:

This mode requires creativity. Using your creativity, design and build resources, weapons, shelters, and other required items using the unlimited supply of resources. 

How To Play Pocket Edition?

If you are wondering how Minecraft works, then you are at the right place. We’ll guide you on how to perform well in this game. Soon after you download, you are asked to create an account using your email address or by connecting your Facebook account. After account creation, the game itself will guide you through its training tutorial. It will make you familiar with its basic workings and gameplay.

Likewise, there are multiple game modes and each of them works contrastingly. Most of the users find the survival mode more adventurous and fun. Select your hero build an army and try them all one by one. The main thing that is common throughout all modes is to beak and build buildings, useful tools, and weapons. Use these things against your opponents or hostile mobs. Use your creativity and build such items that can strengthen your army.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Installation Process?

Are you still facing the issue while downloading the new edition of this sandbox game? if so we are here with a simple guide that you can download and install on your device:

  • To get the APK file click the green download button at the top.
  • The page will redirect you to the official download link click it and download the File.
  • Now go to the download section of your device.
  • Click the downloaded file and allow “unknown sources” from your device settings.
  • Now the App will start installing on your device and ready to use.
  • Tap the App icon from your device and open it to play different modes.


The are multiple editions of this game which were launched in a timely. Most of its versions including its first version were only for PCs and other bigger screens due to which not everyone was able to access it. Considering this issue, the developers had designed its mobile version which is now freely available for everyone.

This version is light and can easily be installed on a smartphone having a RAM of 2 GB or above. Now you easily play it on your smartphone. This version is almost the same as the PC version but it may lack a few of the features. Download the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK Latest Version for both Android and iOS from our website. We offer the newest official version. For now, just download it on your mobile and visit our site for the latest updates of the block game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is The Pocket Edition The Same as Bedrock?

No, the bedrock edition of this sandbox game is different and has unique features.

Can You Still Get The Pocket Edition?

Yes, you can still get the pocket edition for free, here we have provided the download link for APK.

Is The Pocket Edition Still Available?

Yes, it is available for Android and PC. You can get its latest version for free from the above download link.

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