Minecraft Mod Menu Apk 1.20 (Unlimited All) Download for Android

Minecraft is a whole other world of building, crafting, and surviving. You wake up every day with new ambitions and objectives. This popular game is not free to download, so the players came up with an idea to easily make it your own. Minecraft Mod Menu APK is free to download and has it all and additional features.

You will be able to easily download this version on all of your Android devices. Furthermore, it does not provide any repetitive patterns so you will not get bored of it anytime soon. Moreover, this mode will provide you with many features including new skins and immortality. In addition, you will have all the resources provided to you to craft and build your world.

Furthermore, there are many modes to choose and play from such as survival, hardcore, adventure, multiplayer and creative. Additionally, each mode has its unique features available. With additional modes, this version makes it way more thrilling to play. You will be playing for hours at the end until you realize how much time has passed since you started playing.

Download Minecraft Mod Menu APK for Android

MojangMinecraft Mod Menu
Size270 MB
GenreArcade, Games
Updated2 Hours Ago

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What is Minecraft Mod Menu APK?

Minecraft Mod Menu APK is an alternative version of the popular most played game, Minecraft. A world full of creative ideas that take place in your minds can come to reality. Furthermore, you can download it from our website, the link is given. It is a new and improved version without any bugs. Additionally, it has no ads that will bug you. It is a lightweight application that will not put stress on your device’s storage.

Minecraft Mod Menu APK

Including a friendly interface that makes it easy to use. You will have the time of your life playing with your friends and family because it is available to players of all ages. With all the resources at hand, you will easily fight off all your enemies and build amazing shelters. This version is always updating so you will not miss any new upgrades in your sandbox world.

Features of Minecraft Mod Menu APK:

Here below we have explained all the features of this Mod Menu in detail;

All Characters Unlocked:

All of the in-game characters will be unlocked either basic or epic. Correspondingly you can experience your different game modes with dynamic characters. Which are unique in their play style or power.

No Registration/No Sign-Up:

Players do not have to create an account to play this Mod Menu. You can just download this application from this website and start playing with the advantages. This feature promises to lengthen your satisfaction and fun

Different Modes:

The application provides different modes for you to okay from including tournaments, battle royale, elimination, and many more. That’s why this version is known best among the rest of the ones.

Custom Maps:

You can customize your maps all you want, with or without the internet. Just in one click you can avail this feature. You can seize everything easily from this version.


You can play this game with your family and friends easily. The content of this version is smooth, clear, and authentic. Nothing appropriate is encouraged in the game. So when you are in the middle of a meeting or doing some important task you can make your child, young sister, or brother engaged by giving this game.

New Mobs:

There has been an addition of different mobs as well that are different than the original game mobs. This will be a surprise for you. So you have to download the app and check it yourself.

Moded Features:

  • Player Menu
  • God Mode
  • No Fall Damage
  • Fast Running
  • Never Fall
  • Long Jump
  • Long Jump V2
  • Push Mobs Away
  • Push Mobs Up
  • Night Mode
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlock All
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Minecoins
  • Much More


In the Net shell, in this open world where you can create almost anything with all the blocks and crystals it provides, you will have better survival chances after downloading the App.

It will also provide altered features like god mode, flying mode, higher jumps and faster running. That will add unlimited fun to your already thrilling gameplay. This version will have the same graphics the original game provides including additional animations. Create your world now and download the Minecraft Mod Menu APK now!

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