Minecraft Jenny Mod Apk V1.20 (Bedrock) Download for Android

The popular game Minecraft has all the wonders but what it lacks is a partner that will be with you every step of the way. Minecraft Jenny Mod APK is a new mod developed for people who can sometimes feel bored with playing Minecraft alone. Additionally, it provides features that are otherwise not available in the original game.

Minecraft Jenny Mod Apk

Similarly, the features that it will provide you with will be unlimited food, energy supplies, intimacy, and much more. You will have a chance to walk freely in the Minecraft-free world with your partner that this game will provide you with. This mod does wonders for an already popular game. Furthermore, it is safe to use and scanned by anti-malware programs like AVG, AOL, and Clam anti-virus.

You can build your world and have different objectives. You can also interact with other characters. With diverse concepts, it is easy to use with its friendly interface feature and is bug-free. You will have the time of your life while playing this no-pop-up ads game. This game provides you with a main character who will be your partner in everything and will obey your rules.

Download Minecraft Jenny Mod APK for Android

App NameJenny Mod APK
Size8 MB
Developermaster mod samidi.
GenreArcade, Games
Updated2 Hours Ago

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What is Minecraft Jenny Mod APK?

Minecraft Jenny Mod APK is a moded version of the popular game Minecraft with a little twist to it. Additionally, by making your dreams come true you can do all the things that you normally do in Minecraft. You can build and craft items of your choice but with this mod, you will have Jenny by your side. You can also take her out on a date if you feel something more with this character.

Minecraft Jenny Mod Apk

Additionally, you can easily download this game without any registration or log-ins. Make sure you have unknown sources enabled from your device’s settings. Similarly, it has a friendly interface that makes it easy to use and has a lightweight storage of 8MBs.

You can build items and buildings of your choice because the Minecraft Jenny Mod APK version will provide you with all the resources for free. Similarly, it has high-quality graphics that include special effects, furthering the thrill of it all.

Furthermore, there are two different modes in this game. Creative mode and Super hard mode have a variety of things that you can do. In creative mode, you can build items without having to fight any monsters. In super hard mode, you must get creative with your combat skills battling extreme conditions and surviving. Create a new world and complete quests so you can level up easily.

Features of Minecraft Jenny Mod APK:

Read the below supreme features of Jenny Mod:

Varying Caves and Mining Animations:

Additionally, a new unlocked feature is varying caves and mining animations. In this way, you get a chance to remain attached to nature.

Adopt Different Pets:

Furthermore, adopt more animals and put on their name tag to make them your pets. This version of Minecraft is more of an evolution than just an application. Don’t wait anymore and start building your world with unlimited possibilities.

Minecraft Jenny Mod Apk

Bug Fixes:

With new technology, this application has been improved than it has never been before and involves no bugs. It is observed that most of the Minecraft apps contain errors or bugs. Which makes users frustrated and annoyed. Nonetheless thanks to this advanced software which is free from all gaming hassles.

New Animation:

The new. version provides more live-looking animation of nature like plants and the sky. Correspondingly even for a bit you will not feel exhausted and fed up. Your mind would start craving Minecraft due to this version.

Unlocked Worlds:

This feature lets you unlock and explore all the worlds Minecraft provides. Therefore many Minecraft lovers opt for this version, as it provides free access. You can explore much more at no cost.

Additional Features of This Mod Version:

  • Free To Play
  • No Virus
  • Free Download
  • Easy To Play
  • Different Levels
  • Green Graphics
  • No Ads
  • Android Friendly
  • No Root
  • Much More


Similarly, you can craft your arsenals that will help you smash blocks during the day and mobs at night. Furthermore, you can create a private world with your friends and build it for fun and imagination. Moreover, you will get an unlimited supply of coins and can customize a map of your choice and your world. Minecraft Jenny Mod APK is safe to download and play, with no suspicious malware activity. So own this sizzling app and make your virtual palace.

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