Far Cry 3 Apk + OBB 2024 Free (Offline) Download for Android

Far Cry 3 Android APK, is an excellent survival game for people of all ages from all over the world. If have never visited an island and you wish to have the same experience of an Island without stepping out of your home then let me introduce you to the wonderful game. Experience unlimited fun and adventurous gameplay.

Its gameplay is magical in that it keeps its players hooked. You’ll never get bored playing it but you’ll enjoy every moment. This article is entirely based on facts and our personal experience. This review aims to help out gamers who want to know in deep about this shooting game.

Moreover, the game’s storytelling is exciting. The game starts with the story of Jason, a young American, who goes on a trip to an island but is unfortunately captured by the local pirates of the island. You are the only one who is left behind. As the only person left, you have to struggle for life and fight against local pirate camps to save your friends who are in prison. Use your intelligence and find attack tactics to rob a pirate camp for weapons, food, and vehicles. For instance, the most important thing to do is to find the exact location where your friends are kept.

There are various steps to proceed in the game. Claim bonuses and rewards by completing small assigned tasks and visiting hidden sites on the battlefield. You can use those game coins to upgrade your hero or unlock more premium items to boost your gameplay. Using the game coins purchase advanced weapons and boost the strength of the existing ones. There are in-game purchases so you can spend some amount of real money to get everything you need just like defensive equipment.

Download Far Cry 3 APK for Android

App NameFar Cry OBB + APK
Size11.97 MB
DeveloperUbisoft Montreal

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Features of Far Cry 3 Android APK + OBB:

The more advanced features, offered by an App or a game the more it attracts audiences. This game is successful in grabbing gamers’ attention because of its features. Just have a look at the features mentioned below:

  • Multiple effects are offered
  • Claim bonuses and rewards
  • Get an ad-free experience
  • Simple registration process
  • A simple and precise interface
  • Smooth gameplay and services
  • Get many maps and locations
  • Work without root access
  • Both PC and mobile versions
  • There is much more to explore

Beautiful Graphics:

This feature is expected from every game and if this feature is lacking in any game then the game is simply ignored. This is the reason why this great game offers wonderful visuals charming locations and a realistic environment.

Simple Gameplay and Interface:

There is nothing that complex that you’ll find difficult. Every feature included in it is kept very simple so that everyone can easily benefit from that feature. About the gameplay, I would say that it’s simple but not easy. It will challenge your skills and strategies.

Regular Game Updates:

The game came into being in 2012 and up till now there have been 5 versions of it. Each newer version has been better than the previous one. In every version, the user’s feedback is taken into account and bugs are resolved.

Engaging Game Environment:

There are unlimited possibilities of playing the game that give you a more relaxed gaming experience. There are multiple modes each with a new flavour and taste. All these things together make it a good choice.

No Usage Restrictions:

The game is free to download and there is no location restriction or time limit to use. It’s for everyone from all over the world who wish to play it for free. However, it contains in-game purchases but that fully depends on you. If you have more premium experience then you must step ahead to purchase its premium features.

Tips and Tricks To Play Far Cry 3 OBB+APK:

The gameplay is simple but not easy. You’ll go through many ups and downs during the game. You may find some missions very difficult, but if you play strategically and use different tactics, you can complete those missions. Initially, your concern must be on strengthening your character and your team. Don’t directly rush into the battles because you can’t compete with your opponents with the very basic equipment and resources. Participate in events and complete smaller tasks first. This thing will make you more coins to make essential upgrades. According to us, this is the only way to perform well.


To wrap up this article I’ll share my own experience. Get yourself registered for the game and start your adventures. Play it anytime anywhere for entertainment since it can played online as well as downloaded on your device. Download Far Cry 3 APK OBB for Android from the download button provided at the top. The chapter is vast and there is much more to discuss about. We have provided our reviews and all possible knowledge in this article. If you want more deeper understanding then visit its official site or download it on your own. I think you must try it on your own. A practical experience will tell you everything about it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it available for Android?

It is an Android and iOS game that you can play without any issues.

How Big is The File of This Game?

The game APK file is just 11.97 MB for Android devices.

Can I Play This Game Offline?

Yes, you can play this game offline with some restrictions.

How Old is Far Cry 3?

It is a first-person shooting game that was released in 2012 by Ubisoft Montreal.

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