Proud Father Game Apk v14 (Update) Download for Android & PC

Proud Father Game Review:

Parenting is very important for a child’s grooming. Raising a child in healthy environments shapes their personality. The optimal growth of a child requires both parents’ involvement, nevertheless, nowadays mother seems to contribute more to parenting than the father who sometimes remains behind in fulfilling his responsibilities. It doesn’t mean that the father is not concerned about the well-being of his child but he unintentionally overlooks some minor things in child grooming that affect his personality in later life. For that, we bring you a game designed to teach you to be the best father, and that is none other than but Proud Father Game APK.

This game is going to help you to become an ideal father. Let’s shed light on the father’s role. It doesn’t mean offering financial support to the child is only the responsibility the father has. There are many things to consider. Such as the father has a significant impact on the upbringing of his child. He serves as a role model and meets the basic needs of the family. He is the first mentor of his child, providing proper guidance and nurturing emotional well-being. No doubt This game depicts real-life experience and displays all different situations. It is a good platform that stimulates a sense of responsibility and helps you to encounter the art of parenting.

App Information:

App NameProud Father APK
Size1.0 GB

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What Happened To Proud Father Game?

This game is like a story that includes many scenes where you, in the role of the perfect father. Being a good father you have to take good care of your child, facilitate his timely breakfast, send him to school on time, ensure your involvement in parent-teacher meetings, etc. Whether it’s financial support or emotional support you have to accomplish your every task perfectly. Proud Father Game is not just a game, rather it’s a good platform for learning parenting skills. Furthermore, you can play this game only when you have a good net connection so make sure proper internet connection before starting the game.

Features of Proud Father Game:

The guardian game is enveloped with superb features. So are ready to explore jaw-dropping features of this app? So here we go!

  • You can find this game with remarkable graphics and enchanting visuals.
  • Only those can play this game who are involved in parenting or about to take the responsibility of parenting.
  • Customize your character and give them different looks.
  • This game is crafted with outstanding themes and concepts.
  • Experience real-life situations in this game and learn different parenting skills.
  • Enjoy various sound and visual effects. It would take you to another dimension.
  • Accessible to Android devices, simple interface.
  • Enjoy your gameplay without getting tangled with ads and other irritating links.
  • Get this game without charging anything. Just download it and enjoy your play.
  • Light in weight so don’t worry about the space and size.

Gaming Characters:

In the game, there are lots of new and old characters including the father and his daughter. The main characters are a father and his daughter which makes the game interesting. But not only the father and daughter each in-game character has its role and are more unique. Likewise, the best thing is that you can customize all characters according to your liking.

Ad Free Version (V14):

The most disturbing thing in the old version of this game was the third-party ads. The good news is that in the latest version v14, the game has blocked third-party ads. Now players can enjoy the game without any disturbance and enjoy the real joy of this game.

Eye-Catching Graphics:

The graphics are great almost every gamer will love its eye-catching pictures. The animations used in this game are great. While playing this game it seems like everything is in your control. Get the game now and enjoy its fun gameplay with 3D animated graphics.

Suggestive and Good Moments:

The game has many similarities with other regular games. Players can enjoy many suggestive and good moments in the game with their preferred character. Likewise, if you choose the role of Proud Father there will be more erotic and good moments. These moments make the game more engaging and fun.


A responsible father never compromises on his child well grooming. It is important to acknowledge each parent has an equal role in his children’s upbringing. The Proud Father Game displays idealistic and realistic experiences where a son needs love, care, and guidance from his father. This game is crafted to aware people of how fathers should make their parenting skills better. Your attention towards your child can change their entire life. They can grow into healthy and productive human, who can later serve their nation. Play this game with your child and let them know how important they are to you.

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