Minecraft Trial Apk v1.20 Free Download for Android, iOS & Pc

Minecraft is a PC game only available to you if you purchase it. The developers of Minecraft Trial APK will give you free access to the sandbox world. It offers all Android users a chance to explore and play the game without any financial commitment upfront. Furthermore, it features creativity and survival mode providing a glimpse into its gameplay mechanics.

Minecraft Trial Apk

Moreover, it will have a 3D-populated environment with blocky characters and elements. It will have all the pre-build setup just like the original Minecraft. You will be able to craft new landmarks and buildings of your choice. You will have all the mining resources available from the very start, including shelters and arsenals for when it gets dark to fight off all the mobs.

Download Minecraft Trial APK for Android, iOS & PC

App NameMinecraft Trial
Size85.5 MB
GenreArcade, Games
Updated2 Hours Ago

What is Minecraft Trial APK?

Minecraft Trial latest version of the sandbox game where you will encounter extra features. Additionally, it has two modes. In survival mode, you will have a hostile environment where you will have to survive based on all the resources and shelters you have. In creative mode, you will be free to construct anything with your resources and unleash your creativity without having the pressure to survive.

Minecraft Trial Apk

This mode provides you with a more relaxing experience. Moreover, despite its restrictions, the game gives an opportunity to players to test the waters before going and purchasing the game. You will have limited time every day like 90 minutes to play and be restricted to other modes. It will provide a seamless performance regardless.

Features of Minecraft Trial APK:

It presents many different features for its Android users with a comprehensive introduction, such as:

Free Trial:

Without costing you a cent it delivers a free version for all those who are curious about the Minecraft world. It is going to be a warm-up for you guys before placing yourself into real chaos.

Compatible With All Androids:

This version is compatible with all Android devices. However, if you have an older version it might lag.

Two Modes:

It provides two modes of survival and creativity that have different objectives and unique styles and rules. But the level of competition you will experience in them is just unspeakable.

Minecraft Mechanics:

It gives you a dip into the Minecraft world mechanics whether it’s mining for resources or building tools weapons and landmarks.

Limited Time:

With this specific time frame of 90 minutes, you will have all the Minecraft gameplay available to you for free. In this short period, you can apply different settings to catalyze your working efficiency.

Gateway To The Full Version:

It is a gateway to the full Minecraft version, offering a smooth transition to the extended gameplay. Guys trust me your journey with version is going to be classic and mind-blowing.

All Resources:

All resources will be provided to you stepping into the game so you don’t have to worry about collecting resources before the time runs out. This feature was limited in the original version where you are supposed to invest some money to unlock it.

No Ads:

With its limited time, it will not bother you with unwanted ads. Means lots of fun without annoying ads.

Additional Features:

  • Free Game
  • 90 Minutes
  • Trial Version
  • Free Viruses
  • No Lack
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Much More


You can unlock newly designed blocks which otherwise cost for the unblocking. Additionally, users can avail different attributes to make their game more aesthetic and magnificent. Minecraft Trial APK is a gateway for new gamers to explore the popular game and taste the free world and its mechanics. You can download it easily from Google Play or our website for free. Your endless journey awaits your welcome, download now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is It Free?

Yes, it is free for Windows, Android, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita.

Is The Trial only for 90 Minutes?

Yes, the time limit for the Trial is 90 Minutes.

Is Minecraft Full Free?

There is no legal way to download the full Minecraft Java edition for free permanently.

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